Digitale Informationsprozesse mit Microsoft Office 365 Digital dokumentieren - einfach - schnell - effektiv - sicher
Digitale Informationsprozesse mit Microsoft Office 365Digital dokumentieren - einfach - schnell - effektiv - sicher 


i-DOK – your flexible solution for digital documentation

The unique about i-DOK is automation.

Through the instant automated creation, administration and distribution of documentation i-DOK revolutionizes structured documentation.

  • Reporting
  • Quick children's observation
  • Development

digitally and efficiently.


Working with pen, paper and camera are things of the past. Manual assembly, storage and distribution are also eliminated. This increases the output of your organization enormously.


You’ve never documented so quickly. A quick observation is done in just two steps.


As an example:

You are making a photo or a voice message, add a title and a brief note and click the send button- done!

A login with user name and password is no longer needed necessary due to the use of tokens. This allows logon to the system to function automatically.


i-DOK makes it flexible, saves time and money. It provides information instantly and promotes organizational collaboration.


i-DOK use various languages, no installation is needed, you can use i-DOK device independently.


With the integrated mobile web application you are able to document the object in the database immediately. And the documentation is available to employees, customers and it can be followed by it-systems all over the world. You can use the geolocation to add the location where your note was sent from.


The master data of any number of employees, activities and object organized in your group schema can be managed by your easily, individually and independently.


You can start right now!

Make your own experience and use our free live test with your smartphone or tablet. Take a picture and paste text.                                                                  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to your feedback.

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